Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey guys I've been busy with Summer and haven't had time to do many offers. But I did managed to claim two more prizes. here's my recent update. check out the pictures.
-These are the offers I have recently done and got credited, try them out for yourself!

-I have accumulated a little bit more than 50 points now, with 122 offers credited and 5 prizes claimed

-The two newest addition to my prize claim is a $10 Gamestop and $10 Ebay in which I used to order Diablo 3 on ebay for only $25. What a steal!

-Here is me using my $10 ebay and ordering diablo 3 for only $25. How awesome is that.

That is it for my updates if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

$10 League of Legends Game Card Code Giveaway!

K Guys so I now have 2x $10 League of Legends and I am willing to give away one for now. I will hold a simple contest, it involves signing up to LOL through my referral link and playing til lvl 10. Every character til lvl 10 is one entry into the contest. So if you feel like having more than one entry then ask your friends to sign up for you and play til lvl 10. Once I hit a total of 25 players that reached lvl 10. I will hold a random drawing with the 25 players account name. The winner gets a free $10 League of Legends Game Card code courtesy of me.

The contest begins as of now and will conclude when 25 players are reached. I will be updating a list of players name and levels to make it more competitive. I will be contacting the player through the game client in order to verify the real winner. I will get an email from you through and will send you the code via email.

Win this:



Sign up:
Smurf it up!

Tip: Fast way to get to lvl 10 is spend the free 400RP on XP Boost! :) Happy Gaming!

*as of now one player is entered into the contest*
There are 24 more spots til giveaway!

I will be taking screenshots of my referral status page to let yall see the entries progress.

P.S: See my other posts on my blog to see proof of prize existence! :)

Also make sure to Click Here and subscribe to my youtube channel, I will be recording a live drawing and winner will be announced in my video! Let the contest begin! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looky Here..

This Week's Offer do far and my current stats....
I managed to accumulated roughly 3.35 in just two days of spare time. I might have to set a higher goal this time or get something to give away in a contest.Currently sitting at 6.55Pts with 87 offers done. I claimed 3 prizes (3x$10 League of Legends game cards). I have 7 referrals but none are active. My goal is to get referrals as well as help my referrals get the prize the want to get.All for free!
Help me get to 10 active referrals and I will hold a contest. I will do a giveaway!

Proof of Live Redemption of Prize:

                                  Go Watch My Tutorial: CLICK HERE

Monday, May 14, 2012

Get You Started!

In this tutorial I will cover some useful software that I use to complete my offers.Here is a list of software that I use:

Google Chrome:  This is my primary internet browser when completing offers. It has a built-in autofill feature that works very well.

FireFox:  This my my primary Internet browser when completing offers. 

CCleaner:  This is what i use to clear my cookies before every offer. 

Roboform:  This Firefox addon will fill forms out for you. I personally don't use this.

Also for download offers I like to use a program called:
Sandboxie:  This is what we will be using to complete the download offers.

These offers are very simple. I will start off by first explaining how Sandboxie works. Many of the download offers available on PrizeRebel will install malicious software onto your computer. While some of this software may not be harmful, there are a number of them you will want to avoid. Sandboxie helps you do just that. What Sandboxie does is open an internet browser in a 'sandbox'. Everything you download, explore, install will be in this sandbox. Malicious software cannot get out of this sandbox. When you are done with what you need to do, you empty the sandbox along with everything in it. 

Now that you know what Sandboxie does, let's learn how to use it to complete a download offer! The first thing you will need to do is, make sure you have the browser you want to use set as your default browser. (FireFox is my first choice for Sandboxie downloads) If you already have Sandboxie running, there will be a yellow diamond shape on the bottom right of your task bar. Right click that -> Default box -> Run web browser. If done correctly, you will now be in a sandboxed web browser. You will know by the # in the browser description.

It's time to start a download offer. Click the offer and click whatever you need to start the download. Once downloaded, go back down to the yellow diamond we right clicked earlier. Right click -> Show Window. Now that you have the Sandboxie Control window open, it is time to install what you just downloaded. (In this case, it is GameVance) Sandbox Default box -> All Files and Folders -> User Files -> Personal -> My Do****ents -> Downloads. Now you will see the software you have just downloaded. Right click and choose 'Run Sandboxed'. The rest is self-explanitory. Install, play the game for a while. When you are done, it is time to empty our sandbox. Go back to our yellow diamond. Right click -> Default Box -> Delete contents. 

Look for the yellow diamond!

There are a few different types of download offers on PrizeRebel. They are all done this way. (Minus the playing of a game) Get some practice with Sandboxie and you will have these offers crediting like a champ! 

Now that we have our browsers, let's make some new emails. New emails should be made after every 5-10 offers. I use yahoo. Other users may use a different email provider but for this guide I will stick with Yahoo. 

Yahoo registration form: 

After you have made your new email, (You can make more than one) it is time to get working on some offers!

HI Everyone

Hi everyone my name is Jay Hawks and I am here to guide you on how to claim awesome prizes from in no time at all. Check out my youtube channel on tutorial videos as well as proof. PR is legit.Here is a Picture of proof:

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Follow me on my journey as I gain more points and and claim more prizes!
I will also post my offers that I got credited and hopefully yall can do the same ones for credits.

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